First Steps Into Writing Code


A beginner’s experience and first steps in the journey…


You have just started browsing the world of code. You are interested but not certain where to start?

These days there are so many resources on programming, computer science, software engineering, software development, web development, and more. Constantly clicking on YouTube videos and how to begin, how to start programming, what language to start with, and who do you trust. Well, to be honest, I was in this boat. Float from one video to the other, looking at YouTube videos at 1 AM on a Tuesday night in December, wondering what I could do if I just knew someone that could give me the answer to my question. I wanted it fast and easy.

You need to stop now! Who goes inside a Harley Davidson store, decides to buy a bike, and expects to learn to ride overnight. This is not how you start.

Let me give you some pointers, I started a few weeks ago. Yup, just a few weeks ago. I by no means think I am the greatest or a wonder. I just decide to take a leap of faith and start doing some action. With so many resources and things to learn, I decide to start with Python. Read halfway through a book, got stuck, and gave up -___- Talk about a start.

I was so bummed out because I wanted to complete it but I was just so busy. A few days later, I stumbled upon someone’s page, TJ. He explained his experience on how he went from a non-programmer job to a software developer. I was so astonished. Because I thought to myself. What? How? I just tried it and it did not work for me! Well, that's because I wanted Genie from Aladdin to grant my wish of learning how to code. His videos gave me inspiration. So I started his program after a few days of thought. I told myself, “If he says I can do it, I am a non-programmer, then I can do it”. I started out with HTML and it took me a few days to learn the basics. Jumped to CSS and WOW was incredible when I gave a page life. It felt like power in my fingertips. Not really though because most of my code didn’t really start working until about 3 weeks in. CSS is a powerful tool. I was so nervous but I was not going to quit. I started doing more code on about 30mins daily basis and made a few projects a week. It was sticking in my head. I learned CSS basics.

Next, BOOTSTRAP. First few days, I was so confused. Then, the more I wrote and did projects slightly easier. I learned BOOTSTRAP was a framework, to sharpen and ease the pain in CSS. I mean it's responsive, it is free, and does the job incredibly well. It took my hours to write CSS what 1-hour Bootstrap could.

I am still at the beginning stages, but TJ has made a powerful impact in my life. I am eager to learn more and hungry for the next challenge. His example and curriculum are well organized and I am confident you can learn too.

Keep going ok you can do it,




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